Vase Subscriptions

The Best Gift Yet

The girls at Mitch’s want to make your holiday shopping easier.

We think making beautiful things is important to the milestone and even the mundane.

This holiday, we’re introducing Vase Subscriptions, which is a fun way to give somebody special something new.. A gift that says, “You’re always on my mind.”

Surpass the occasional centerpiece with a surprise refreshment after it expires every week, or a monthly standing order to replenish an orchid plant. We’re introducing an ongoing series of arrangements delivered weekly right to your door.

Vase Subscriptions start at $50 a week upward to $1,000 + tax & delivery.

You can try it out for a few weeks, months, or commit to a year paying quarterly, beginning and ending at your discretion. You can expect a large variety of high end, premium grown and exotic fresh cut flora & fauna that you will not find at the grocery store. We only carry carnation, baby’s breath and mums upon request.

Our designers are keen to incorporate specific style, colors and flowers that will light up the eyes of the recipient. Interior and aesthetic speak on the things you find beauty in, and it’s our job to enhance and evoke all the feels with living things.

Though some of our lovers and friends prefer a bottle of tequila or Mid City pizza, we think having fresh flowers in the house every week is an inclusive delicacy and grace that outlines the ways we cherish life.

(We do indeed love tequila & pizza..)

The gesture of repeatedly providing fascinating flowers to the people closest to you is a gift that truly keeps on giving. Our work is intimate, passionate and often personal. We want to be here for the big days, the bad days and the everydays.

Give us a call to find out more about giving a Vase Subscription for Christmas


Below, please find examples of arrangements starting with $50 and upwards to $250 in value.

archetecture tour new orleans magazine audubon mitchs flowers new orleans florist.jpg
fresh arrangement floral design mitchs flowers new orleans florist.jpg
yellow pastel fresh floral arrangement stephanie tarrant send flowers new orleans.jpg
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peachy 001.jpg
stunner orchids pink.jpg
white rustic organic fresh floral arrangement stephanie tarrant new orleans send flower delivery.jpg
sunies and blues fresh arrangment send flowers mitchs flowers.jpg
pretty containter and white orchid.jpg
summer blooms .jpg
archetecture tour 2 mitchs flowers.jpg
big beauty by d.jpg
beautiful tropical red rose pink tulip monique.jpg
how much is your anniversary mitchs flowers new orleans monique chauvin .jpg

Stephanie Tarrant